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Second Life Slurl Not Working


You'll offend them, and what you hear might not be them anyway (voice-changing software is freely available, and is very effective at making a male sound female and vice-versa). 30 - I'm only so computer savvy and I'm afraid some of the information may be a little over my head. :/One solution suggested I install Viewer 2. WorldMap Shopping Buy Land Community Help Technical Community Help Answers Forums Blogs Knowledge Base Second Life : Answers : Technical : SLURL no longer works in Firefox If you find yourself seemingly trapped, simply teleport away. weblink

If someone is harrassing you, either right-click on their avatar and select ‘mute' or search for their profile and click ‘mute' on that. 18 - Torley Linden's video tutorials are absolutely WorldMap Shopping Buy Land Community Help Second Life Server Community Help Answers Forums Blogs Knowledge Base Forums : Technology Forum : Second Life Server : my viewer wont automatically click into The Viewer 1.23 does not open the window of the location for teleport. Otherwise, register and sign in. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/Problem-with-quot-Teleport-Now-quot-of-SLurl-using-Viewer-1-23/qaq-p/698625

Second Life Teleport

Install it according to the instructions int he README file. That's a great idea! It’s a much faster way to browse big walls of stuff in stores. (Suggested by Tara Yeats.) 41 - If you use a Mac for SL, join the group “Macintosh Users” FAQ Inventory Management 101 Keywords Newbie?

If you're hasty to abuse report someone for being a pervert, you could well ruin their real life, too. Comment by Perplexity Peccable | February 9, 2009 | Reply Looking for something interesting to do? Although till a little while ago Slurls operated perfectly on my V1.23, now they open only with V2. WorldMap Shopping Buy Land Community Help Bug and Issue Reporting Community Help Answers Forums Blogs Knowledge Base Archive : Forum Archive : Second Life Forums : Bug and Issue Reporting :

Now scroll down until you see secondlife in the list on the left. Report Inappropriate Content (2,600 Views) Comments (0) Permalink 0 Kudos You must be a registered user to add a comment. Technopaideia Musings about the relationships among education, technology, and society: about the ways we learn and the tools we use, both in and out of school. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/SLURL-no-longer-works-in-Firefox/qaq-p/678517 Post a Comment Irene Muni Senior Helper Posts: 13,614 Registered: ‎02-28-2009 Answered Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS Feed Print Email to a Friend Report Inappropriate Content on

if you see someone getting right next to your character move away and if they fallow you message them to stop feeding on you. In fact, only yesterday I picked up a couple of items that I spotted while I was on one of the grid hunts. All it took was for that to happen once to me (finding someone in my house when I logged in) when I was only in SL for a few months and Also be sure to check the upper right hand corner for pop-up messages.

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Otherwise, register and sign in. The wannabe vampire pays approximately 600L$ […] Pingback by Newbie Notes: "Help! Second Life Teleport I'll edit the post to include the better vidtuts URL. I even exceeded it a lot on a few days.

To resolve this problem, go to Edit, Preferences, Communication, and uncheck the box for "Include IM in Chat History". have a peek at these guys Personally, I tear off the chat window for the group, using the "Tear Off" button next to the X in the upper right corner of the Communicate window. I know when I hit the slurl for some of the hunts I have been doing a windo popped up asking what app I wanted to use. SL for Nowt has moved away from WordPress hosting, as I was unhappy with WordPress inserting ads into my content that I had no control over.

Or, it will simply disappear once I Quit Second Life. If teleports are down, log out. (Suggested by Dazz Anvil.) 38 - Better than search for worn [to find things you're wearing] is searching for (worn - that gets rid of Or maybe the Firefox site has help on this? http://taskflowapp.com/second-life/second-life-ao-hud-not-working.html If you've already registered, sign in.

If you happen to be in one of the rare ‘damage-enabled' zones, the only thing that will happen if your avatar loses all health (which it only has in those rare Otherwise, register and sign in. Either take it into your inventory or delete it.

Comment by Mar | February 8, 2009 | Reply You may be banned for no apparent reason, or because you have been seen with another avatar.

If you've already registered, sign in. If you want a local application that is not in the menu to handle the type, select Use other... This will add your avatar name to another database that means the Bloodlines HUD will disregard you as a potential victim, as though you were bitten. *UPDATE: Here is a link No doubt the number of items will increase (got something you think should be on the list?

I thought Firestorm did the same. There isn't an immediate way to change which Viewer launches SLurls, so if you have the current released Viewer and a Release Candidate, whichever was installed most recently will start. Especially don't attach your ‘freenis' (freebie penis) and run around everywhere. http://taskflowapp.com/second-life/second-life-tv-not-working.html It's lame.

If you ignore that last bit of advice, on your own head be it ;) 20 - One for the guys: don't bug every female you see for sex. Otherwise, register and sign in. Search the People tab, look at their Profile and their Picks tab. It is extremly helpfull so everyone can enjoy their SL.

She offered friendship to me again and is now one of my very best sl friends! :) Comment by Chakalak | February 7, 2009 | Reply @ Angel - Thank you! Be careful about wearing items that have bling (that sparkly flashing thing that goes off). I'm working with the Documentation Team to make the Knowledge Base more visible + useful. It would bring up the screen to teleport now, but when I clicked, it wouldn't register and offer me the teleport inworld I will be pretty much inactive after 4/28/16.

Having said that, though, please don't demand that every avatar you're interested in ‘voices' with you (uses the voice chat facility) to ‘prove' they're the gender they say they are. Luckily, the prim parts of both are adjustable, so I can set the flexi settings myself, and invert the prims to adjust for that. If you've already registered, sign in. Report Inappropriate Content Message 5 of 5 (1,163 Views)   « Message Listing « Previous Topic Next Topic » Reply AffiliateProgram Second LifeMarketplace Second LifeBlogs Second Life Developers Destination Guide Download