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Task Flow is an iPhone, iPad, and Mac app that was built to give people the tools they need to not just hoard their tasks, but actually act upon them as well. There are tons of task list and todo apps in the App Store, but none of them help people with the most important part the way Task Flow does — actually getting things done. Task Flow changes all that by offering innovative features like multi-project tasks, a new My Task Flow concept, and more.

What is Task Flow?

Task Flow is an app that was built from the ground up to help people do the tasks that they’ve added to their lists, whether they’re complicated projects or simply a reminder to do that thing they keep forgetting. Whatever it is, Task Flow can help people complete their tasks by giving them new tools that they sometimes didn’t even realize they needed.

With Task Flow, people can create lists and views that help them see what needs to be done while also giving them the power to set the agenda for themselves using My Task Flow.

Task Flow Concept

My Task Flow is the concept behind all of this and it’s what makes Task Flow different to every other task management app in the App Store today. By leveraging My Task Flow, users can choose the tasks they want to do today, tomorrow, and in the future no matter which project they are part of or what due date is assigned.

Users take advantage of:

  • A number of customizable ways in which they can prioritize and structure their tasks all while still keeping them in their individual projects.
  • My Task Flow — Decide which tasks need to be done soon and put them in My Task Flow, ready to be checked off. It doesn’t matter which project they’re in because the My Task Flow views can be customized and populated with the most important tasks. Recently-added tasks that aren’t yet assigned to a project appear as ‘recent’ tasks, ready to be processed.
    • Time-based views add flexibility, taking tasks out of the project-based hierarchy and displaying them in a logical way.
    • The My Task Flow view is endlessly flexible. People can create any number of sections to suit the way they think and work. By default, sections for “Recent”, “Today”, and “Upcoming” are available but that’s just the start! An example section could be “Two-minute tasks”, following the Getting Things Done methodology of completing any task that requires two minutes or less.
  • The ability to put a task into multiple projects. Going on vacation and have a task to ‘buy car sweets’ for the ride? Put it into “Groceries” and “Vacation” projects. Mark the task complete in one project and it’ll be marked complete everywhere, removing the need to duplicate items entirely.
  • Reminders will notify users about time-sensitive tasks. Each task can have multiple reminders like “15 minutes before” and “on time”.
  • Flexible recurring tasks. Users can select one of the presets or create custom repeat conditions. For example: “Every Tuesday and Thursday” or “Every month on the last Friday”.
  • Projects can be viewed as simple lists or as Kanban boards and can be customized with custom icons and colors, too.
  • Focus Timer gives people a way to ensure they’re focused on the task at hand, even when they might otherwise get distracted. Each timer can be configured in terms of time and alert, while snoozing is an option for those times where a task needs just an extra minute or two.
  • Widgets — See  tasks and add new ones right from the iPhone and iPad Home screen.
  • Subtasks, priorities, notes, and due dates make sure each task has as much information as it could possibly need.
  • Attachments! Tasks often come with important information. Task Flow lets people attach photos to tasks so they’re always available when they’re needed. This is a rare feature among task management apps and allows people to take photos of documents for later referencing.

Who is Task Flow for?

Task Flow is for anyone who already has a task manager or todo list app filled to the brim with tasks that never get done. It’s something that we’ve all fallen foul of, but the My Task Flow concept changes all of that by giving people a way to decide which tasks are important, and when. That makes it easier for them to see which tasks are at hand and, importantly, get them checked off.

Task Flow could be a great option for anyone who has tried to get their tasks organized in the past and failed to make it stick.

People who could benefit from using Task Flow include:

  • Small business owners who keep forgetting that important task that keeps their store ticking over.
  • Students who find it difficult to remember which paper needs to be in when, along with what research they need to do.
  • Parents who have so many items in their current app that they don’t know where to start and can’t face the mess of unstructured tasks.
  • Anyone else who is tired of writing down what needs to be done and never actually doing it.


Meet Task Flow Video

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Task Flow is a free app. For those who actively use the app, we offer a Plus plan.

  • Task Flow free: up to five projects, unlimited tasks, syncs across all Apple devices.
  • Task Flow Plus: unlimited number of projects and attachments, multiple task reminders, task priorities, premium themes, share with family members.

Price (in USD):
Task Flow Plus $1.99/month, $11.99/year, or lifetime $24.99/once.